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Helix DNA Common Components


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Helix DNA Common Components

This project is intended to hold various types of code with general applicability across different types of applications and (potentially) suitable for use in several modules. This includes generic container classes, file/network I/O wrappers and debugging aids as well as imported software packages like an XML parser or the zlib compression library.

  • Helix DNA Build Tools - Complete list of all the tools needed to begin development work with the Helix DNA codebase.
  • Helix DNA Quickstart - Developers' step-by-step instructions for obtaining and building the Helix DNA source code.
  • Helix DNA Code Structure - Description of the organizational philosophy, structure, and conventions of the Helix source tree.
  • Helix Client and Server SDK(r5 draft) - Draft of the Helix Client and Server Software Development Kit, which includes an in-depth overview of key portions of the Helix DNA Architecture, documentation on producing server-side and client-side plugins (including documentation for community Client and Server samples), as well as how to create media clients based on the Helix client engine. Also includes Interface, Structure, and Function lists for important portions of the architecture.
    PDF Version, encompassed in two volumes (download both!): Volume1 Volume2
  • Unified Logging - Documentation for the unified logging system implemented for debugging Helix. Use this system instead of using printf statements when you need to insert diagnostic code into Helix.

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